Squiggle Socks & Candy Stripe Socks

ALOHA and Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I’d post a couple projects I recently finished (and recent meaning as early as this afternoon while watching football on TV).

This one is called SQUIGGLE Socks because of the squiggly line that the aqua yarn makes across the front and back of the sock. I got the inspiration for this after walking by a shop whose metal doors had these wonderful abstract oval shapes hammered into the steel doors. Very cool and artsy. This fuchsia yarn is wool, while the aqua is a wool/bamboo/silk blend.

These following socks are my CANDY STRIPE Socks for the obvious reason 🙂  Since I’m a big fan of colorwork and stripes, I thought I’d try a pattern where the stripes start immediately from the toes and work their way up. I did change the position of the yarns in my hand every once in a while so you’ll see a different color ‘pop’ out in certain areas.

Both are available on the shoppe.


1 thought on “Squiggle Socks & Candy Stripe Socks”

  1. Yummy Candy Stripes! The only thing that could compare would be a ‘spearmint’ version. LOL The Squiggle look like something Dinky-Do would really like. Wonder how the pattern would show in a sock made for size 10 LITTLE feet? =)


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