Roman Forum Socks – Teal

I decided to make another pair of Roman Forum Socks and paired these two yarns together by accident. I had originally started knitting these socks and the Squiggle Socks at the same time but using the fuchsia from Squiggle with the multi-colored pictured here. It became clear that the colors did not work together so I swapped one yarn from each ‘pair’ and started over. The light blue yarn is not one I usually use to knit, but it won’t be my last time with this brand. It’s wool, bamboo and silk and is just dreamy. The multi-colored is merino and alpaca, so equally dreamy!

The light blue ended up working beautifully with the purple/pink/blue multi-colored yarn and I may even have enough for another pair. (Kali, I found a chart for sock sizes and –  with this pair – started putting the approximate US size on my etsy listings, so thanks for the feedback! I’ll also knit varying sizes of socks to accommodate more feet sizes.)

This pair was SOLD on the shoppe.


3 thoughts on “Roman Forum Socks – Teal”

  1. Congratulations on the sale. As always, your color choices and patterns are scrumptious.

    Oh, my, my computer screen is showing snow flurries! How clever.


    1. Thanks Cheryl. Yes, every December WordPress adds snow to the blogs – how cute is that? We don’t get snow here in Metro LA so it’s fun to see it ‘virtually’ LOL!


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