Yin Yang Ankle Socks

Both my husband and I love Asian-inspired themes and one of his favorite symbols is the Yin and Yang, representing two opposite forces achieving balance by co-existing naturally.  These ankle socks are Fair-Isle knitted with a two-tone pattern on the front and leg. The foot has a simple black/white alternating stitch pattern, solid color toe and short-row heel.

Available at the shoppe.


8 thoughts on “Yin Yang Ankle Socks”

      1. You know, one thing I always wonder about the socks I see in your shop is what size they are. You look like you have pretty small feet, and thus I wonder. (I wear size ten, it’s crazy.)


      2. Hi Kali!
        That’s a great thing to wonder as I’ve wondered the same thing – like how do I provide the right sock size. Well, I started putting heel-to-cuff and heel-to-toe measurements to help answer any questions, then recently added the foot circumference, which is the width measured flat (no stretch). I try to knit loosely so there is quite a bit of stretch both length and width-wise, but it’s hard to account for that.
        Oh, I do have small feet and none of the socks I knit for the store fit me! I have a mannequin leg that I try to use to show the detail, but it is a challenge to keep the socks looking good for the photo and keeping them on me! (And it’s me taking the photo too! LOL!) I’ll try to think of other ways to better relay the sock size, but please forward any suggestions as well! Thanks Kali 🙂

        Update: Hey, Kali – I thought about your feedback and I am looking into shoe sizes to see how the socks correspond to those and maybe I can incorporate that into the listing on Etsy. I think the foot sizes for shoes will be longer since they are bigger than your actual feet, but this could help give me a guideline for sizes. Thanks for your feedback!


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