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I believe there are always a few ‘healthy’ habits to have and for me, knitting and traveling rank pretty high on the list.

I started knitting years ago and eventually I was knitting all the time – especially when traffic came to a grinding halt on Los Angeles’ 101/405 freeways.  I knew my habit was bordering on obsessive when a fellow commuter laughed at me knitting socks at a stop light, “I’ve never seen THAT before” – yes, well, it’s LA traffic, you do what you can 🙂  I have since started dyeing my own yarn and fiber as well as spinning, so I’ve become a fibernista, if you will, and enjoying every moment!  I have two online shoppes – & and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do it all . . .


The travel bug bit me long ago with my most favorite place on earth being the Hawaiiian Islands.  Hawaii became even more magical for me when I met my husband on Oahu, was engaged on Kauai and married on my favorite island of Maui. We still consider Hawaii our ‘home’ and try to return whenever we can. This is me ziplining on Maui:


Among other faves and hobbies, I love good food (anything with real butter, bacon or have the word ‘fried’ in the title are always a hit), cappuccinos, anything purple, watching NFL games (Skol Vikings!) and movies with the hubby, ballet, photography and ogling beautiful fountain pens.


(my hand above is on our brick at US Bank Stadium, home of my Minnesota Vikings)


Mahalo for visiting,

Christina | AlohaBlu


14 thoughts on “AlohaBlu Who”

  1. Hi Christina –
    The Alaska picture is really neat… good timing!
    And the socks are WOW!!
    The colors are amazing.
    I’m still practicing on my socks… they don’t look much like your socks 😦
    Thanks for getting me started.

    Love from MOM Rowell


  2. Hi Christina,
    Susie just emailed me your website. WOW, girl you’ve got a talent!! Awsome socks!

    Love, Aunt Colleen
    P.S. Tell Jake I shout out a big HI!


    1. Thanks A. Colleen! I hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving. I was thinking about your deviled eggs 🙂
      Glad you like the site. I can’t seem to knit fast enough! But I am having a blast. I will tell Jake hello from you for sure!


  3. Wow! I don’t know anything about knitting, yarn, etc, but I do wear socks–sometimes anyway. You’ve done some really cool designs! Very impressive.


  4. Hi! I am an avid knitter and crocheter on Oahu and I would like to learn more about spinning. I would love to get together or be passed on to someone you know could teach me! Thanks so much!


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