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I believe there are always a few ‘healthy’ habits to have and for me, knitting and traveling rank pretty high on the list.

I started knitting years ago and eventually I was knitting all the time – especially when traffic came to a grinding halt on Los Angeles’ 101/405 freeways.  I knew my habit was bordering on obsessive when a fellow commuter laughed at me knitting socks at a stop light, “I’ve never seen THAT before” – yes, well, it’s LA traffic, you do what you can 🙂  I have since started dyeing my own yarn and fiber as well as spinning, so I’ve become a fibernista, if you will, and enjoying every moment!  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do it all . . .

The travel bug bit me long ago with my most favorite place on earth being the Hawaiiian Islands.  Hawaii became even more magical for me when I met my husband on Oahu, was engaged on Kauai and married on Maui.  It was there the nom de plume, AlohaBlu, was born.

Among other faves and hobbies, I love good food (anything with real butter, bacon or have the word ‘fried’ in the title are always a hit), cappuccinos, anything purple, watching NASCAR and NFL games and movies with the hubby, ballet, photography and ogling beautiful fountain pens.

Mahalo for visiting,

AlohaBlu | Christina


14 thoughts on “AlohaBlu Who”

  1. Hi Christina –
    The Alaska picture is really neat… good timing!
    And the socks are WOW!!
    The colors are amazing.
    I’m still practicing on my socks… they don’t look much like your socks 😦
    Thanks for getting me started.

    Love from MOM Rowell


  2. Hi Christina,
    Susie just emailed me your website. WOW, girl you’ve got a talent!! Awsome socks!

    Love, Aunt Colleen
    P.S. Tell Jake I shout out a big HI!


    1. Thanks A. Colleen! I hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving. I was thinking about your deviled eggs 🙂
      Glad you like the site. I can’t seem to knit fast enough! But I am having a blast. I will tell Jake hello from you for sure!


  3. Wow! I don’t know anything about knitting, yarn, etc, but I do wear socks–sometimes anyway. You’ve done some really cool designs! Very impressive.


  4. Hi! I am an avid knitter and crocheter on Oahu and I would like to learn more about spinning. I would love to get together or be passed on to someone you know could teach me! Thanks so much!


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