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Images of Hawaii – Part 5

Aloha All! It’s been about half a year since we’ve last been on the Islands and of course I’m homesick. . . again.

I thought I’d share some more photos from the last trip to try to quell the homesickness.

At the Kahala Resort

We drove around residential areas up on a hill (yes, beautiful homes with breathtaking views) and found this wonderful view of Koko Head Crater

A view of Chinaman’s Hat

Another view from the Kahala Resort

And lastly, a view from the Hawaii Kai Makapu’u Point Trail


i just love Hawaii . . .

Hawaii, Knitting, Photography, Travel

Images of Hawaii – Part 1

Aloha from Hawaii! Yes, we were homesick so we decided to head ‘home for the holidays’. The shoppe is closed as I now spend my days taking photos, relaxing,  (eating too much) and looking for inspiration for more colorways.

Here are a few photos I’ve taken so far.

This is the private beach from the Kahala Hotel & Resort – Kahala, Oahu, Hawaii.

One of the gazebos on the grounds.

Clouds at sunset.

We actually liked the sand ripples in the water in this photo.

More clouds . . .

Feeding time at the Dolphin Lagoon.

These are Bottlenosed Dolphins (yes, my favorite animal. Imagine my excitement!)

My hubby found this little guy while we were walking around . . .

So, here’s what I’ve been working on while on the plane. I brought yarn for 2 pairs of socks and have since finished one sock so now I’m afraid I may need to buy more yarn! (and yes, I’ve already looked for yarn shops in Oahu). This is my Triple Cable Socks using Knitpick’s Palette in Autumn Heather and Imagination in Giant Peach.

Oh! A possible colorway – this is a crab shell I found on the beach with oranges, browns, purples. Pretty!

Maybe another colorway? “Gazebo by the Beach” – hmmmmm

And a pretty orchid that came with our room service tray.

More to come! Enjoy!