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Images of Hawaii – Part 5

Aloha All! It’s been about half a year since we’ve last been on the Islands and of course I’m homesick. . . again.

I thought I’d share some more photos from the last trip to try to quell the homesickness.

At the Kahala Resort

We drove around residential areas up on a hill (yes, beautiful homes with breathtaking views) and found this wonderful view of Koko Head Crater

A view of Chinaman’s Hat

Another view from the Kahala Resort

And lastly, a view from the Hawaii Kai Makapu’u Point Trail


i just love Hawaii . . .


14 thoughts on “Images of Hawaii – Part 5”

      1. Ah Alex! I look quickly thru your blog last night and more in-depth today – beautiful! I LOVE your photos of Italia (one of my favorite places to travel). Your photos inside Basilica San Pietro are awesome! Oh and Venezia during Carnavale – gasp! I’m also wondering how you got such clean photos of Chateau de Versailles (no people)! We never made it up Notre Dame Cathedral last time we were in Paris and now I’m wishing we did! Next time for sure. Fabulous photos!!


      2. Thanks a lot for your comments and compliment! Well, It was really early in the morning when I got to Chateau de Versailles (no people)! Yes there were very few people, another thing to add is it was really cold out there! All the more that there will not be many tourists around! I had a great time there! Notre Dame was a really worthwhile to go place in Paris and I have got such nice overview of the city on top! Cheers!


  1. Thanks for another view of beautiful Hawaii. I’d love to visit there, but too far. I am homesick lately too, mine is Florida though. The Florida Keys are beautiful if a hurricane hasn’t visited recently. The color of the water is just breathtaking with the lush tropical foilage. And not to mention outstanding fishing. Boy, I could eat a good freshly caught dolphin sandwich about now. Once you do your own fishing and know what a fresh fish is, nothing else compares. Not to mention the beauty of the sea and a wonderful adventure every time the boat leaves shore!!!!


    1. Thanks Elaine! I’ve been around Sarasota (Siesta Key) and that’s beautiful too. I hope you get home soon! I thought posting these photos would help me miss Hawaii less, but, alas, it’s done the opposite! All good though!


    1. Oh E! I was thinking of you this weekend – I carded up a cute batt that I’m thinking of calling Hanalei! It has pretty hand dyed blue Falkland roving and natural brown CVM that I washed and combed. I’m hoping to take photos this week πŸ™‚


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