Hand Dyed Yarn

For my birthday last month I asked my husband to attend a cotton yarn dyeing class with me (my first attempt at dyeing) at our local yarn shop. We had a blast!! Now, being a professional artist, I knew my husband’s yarn would be way more sophisticated than mine – and he proved me right with muted grey tones and varying shades of purple that swirl into light pinks and ecru – beautiful! My peacock blue/sky blue/kelly green striped yarn came out wonderfully well so I’m quite happy.  And yes, this is all for me . . .


2 thoughts on “Hand Dyed Yarn”

    1. Thanks so much! I just started (as in a few hours ago) knitting up a scarf with my husband’s yarn. So far it’s coming out nicely – we’ll see how it turns out in about 60 more inches!


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