Groom’s Socks | ‘LouisVuitton-Inspired’ Socks

When I think of summer, the visions of beautiful weddings come to mind with the bride’s flowing dress and her handsome groom in his tuxedo.  For this summer’s weddings I honor all those grooms by creating a pair of designer socks.
For “Groom’s Socks”, I was inspired by Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Collection, which features a distinct checkerboard pattern and uses classy, masculine colors.  This is a Fair Isle toe-up sock using black as the main color and slate as the contrast with a column of cables flanking the checkerboard pattern on the instep and front of the leg.  The checkerboard pattern – without the cables – is repeated on the foot and back of the leg.
For the LV-Inspired Women’s collection socks:

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