Handspun Fun and other yarn & fibers

I absolutely love my spinning wheel and try to spin a little everyday. I currently am spinning 3 different fibers combinations : Peruvian wool, Cashmere/Silk blend, and Corriedale.  Of course I’m stocking up on other lovely batts and roving (KP came out with some beauties named for many landmarks and cities I’ve visited!).

Here are some of my recent accomplishments. This is a 2-ply Corriedale (brown)/Corriedale blend (greens) called MINT CHIP.

This one is a lovely Merino/Bamboo blend, also a 2-ply named SUMMER FRUIT SALAD for my Mom’s poolside fruit salad that we had when we were kids.

This is a chain-plied (3-ply) Corriedale blend – FALL HARVEST.

I had fun dyeing up some yarn/fiber as well and this one is the same colorway that I created for my wonderful Mom-in-Law (I bet from the title you’ll figure out her favorite color). SUSIE LOVES GREEN was created just before Christmas and I gave Mom Susie a skein of this colorway as a gift since she’s starting out knitting socks.  It has quickly become one of my favorite colorways and I dyed up some worsted weight and superwash merino roving yesterday. I love how the sage green dye ‘breaks’ a little to create these wonderful blue flecks in the fiber!

All are available on the shoppe.


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