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Wailua Falls ~ aka ‘Fantasy Island’ falls

While on a trip to the island of Kauai, we drove to this famous spot – known to most of the world as the “Fantasy Island” waterfalls. Wailua Falls is just stunning and I believe you can even hike down to the lagoon and go swimming. We stayed topside and admired its glory from the birds-eye view.

(Kauai, Hawaii | September 2006)


5 thoughts on “Wailua Falls ~ aka ‘Fantasy Island’ falls”

    1. i love your scenic pictures too! your water series (with the blue, green, red) are awesome. i never thought to capture the cream in my coffee, though my husband seems to be fascinated when i pour it in! great work.


  1. Thanks 🙂 I was having so much fun with the water – I figured I would try something different LOL !!! Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments 🙂


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