Homage to Sock Summit 2011

So, I had hoped to attend Sock Summit in Portland this year but alas, plans changed and wasn’t able to this year. I do hope it’s super successful that they would want to do it again and maybe then I’ll get my chance. I think this would be Nirvana for someone like me to likes to knit socks – a convention dedicated to sock knitting. Swoon!

In honor of this year’s event, I’m posting some of my latest WIP (work-in-progress) projects, some finished ones and sneak peeks to my latest designs.


A = my “Hawaiian Tattoo Socks” in KP’s Bare and Stroll Tonal in Blue Yonder.

B = my “Diamonds in the Rough Socks” in KP Stroll in Eggplant and Lantana (discontinued colors). I may have posted these before . . .

C = this is one of my newest designs, still a WIP called “Smocked Socks”.  I finished the cuff just after taking the photo today so I am now starting on the 2nd sock. This is KP’s Stroll Tonal in Kindling and Foliage and I love the great ‘fall’ colors!

D = Also one of the newer designs. I’ve been working on this one since February and it’s kind of challenging, but I am a bit crazy! This is my “TriColor Socks” and they are knitted with 3 (yes 3!) different lace weight yarns in Fair Isle knitting (I did say I was a bit crazy). The body of the socks have each color knitted as a single stitch, except for the toes, heel and cuff which are 2 strands held together. This is KP’s Shadow Tonal in Canopy and Springtime and KP’s Merino Wool lace weight yarn (white).

E = another version of my “Shamrock Socks” in Stroll Multi in Lucky and Bare fingering.