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2013 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 8-9

Aloha! Here are the colors and inspirational images for weeks 8-9.

Here’s another colorway inspired by our movie, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2. This is WATERMELOPHANTS (yup, cross between a watermelon and elephant) in 64 ct merino wool and sw merino fingering yarn:



Our trailer came out this week and we are pretty excited it about! Check it out:

Our team did a little fun spoof animation that features our cast and food creatures. My favorite is Sam (in the back with the glasses):

Another new colorway: OWL BUTTERFLY in merino/silk fingering yarn and Mixed BFL wool:



And the inspirational photo I took at a butterfly farm on St. Maarten. Our guide told us that the butterfly’s ‘owl-eye’ pattern on his wing was to keep predators at bay. Fascinating!


DANDELION Batt in merino, wool and banana fibers:


Purple/blue ounce of Targhee roving (I sooo want to spin this up myself, but am trying to be patience and spin up my black alpaca first) . . .


Here are a couple more skeins of SUNSET IN GALLIPOLIS. This first one is a variation in alpaca lace yarn:


In merino/silk/stellina (sparkle) lace yarn:


and a vibrant version in sw merino lace yarn:


I also posted a pretty dark pink ballet/pointe shoe bag:


I thought I’d also share a few projects I’ve been working on. First, is some spinning I completed! I spun about 2.4 ounces of beautiful black alpaca into 268 yards of a 2-ply lace weight skein. I want to make a lace scarf so I need about 2-3 more skeins before I can start knitting.


One final photo. . . I finally completed my first lace project, a scarf using KnitPick’s Shadow Tonal merino lace yarn. For me, it was a challenging pattern just because I’m not used to doing lace work and took me over a year to complete it. It is being gifted to a family member who likes to get my ‘first’ projects (mistakes and all), and hope she likes it.



Knitting, Yarn/Roving

2013 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 6-7

Aloha! Here are the colors and inspirational images for weeks 6-7.

I’ll start with a new colorway inspired by the upcoming movie, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2. We had a write-up last month in USA Today and it talked a bit about our food creatures. This colorway is called FLAMANGOES (cross between a flamingo and a mango), in corriedale cross roving and merino/nylon fingering yarn:



Based on the inspirational photo created by the many talented artists I get the privilege of working with. The flamangoes are on the bottom right corner.


For Christmas last year, I dyed up some silk & velvet cut scarves and gave them away as gifts. Of course, I made one for myself first to test the process :).  I loved how the scarves turned out so I made more for the shoppe:

This scarf has a rose motif in raspberry:


This floral scarf is in pretty blue/teal:


I love how the daisies pop on this bright orange scarf with a black background:


And my favorite combination of color – this is a bouquet motif scarf in purple with a black background:


I also dyed up this skein of merino/bamboo/nylon fingering weight:


Another LIGURE SUNSET 2 in merino/tencel roving:


And some bamboo roving in blue-green, lavender/blue-green and light blue-green :