Sweetheart Socks

For my family growing up, Valentine’s Day was a big holiday. Dad would always give a bouquet of roses to Mom along with a box of candy. I would get a single rose and both my brother and I would get smaller boxes of chocolates. To this day, we still call each other on Valentine’s Day and extend our well wishes to our spouses and children.

I thought I’d design a Valentine’s themed sock and came up with these Sweetheart Socks. My hubby helped with the heart design so that’s really special too, especially since we would have been together for 10 years on Feb 4th!

These are Fair-Isle knitted with red and pink tonal yarn. The foot has a knitted ‘LOVE’ on the front along with 2 columns of hearts which repeat on the back of the leg.  The checkerboard foot is bordered by pink tonal yarn for the toe and short-row heel.

These socks were SOLD! on the shoppe, but I am making another pair using the pink yarn against a black background (dramatic!).  I’ve had requests for the pattern, so that will follow on the shoppe shortly as well. 🙂