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Lion Monument in Winter Colorway

Here is a brand new colorway to the shoppe: Lion Monument in Winter! This was inspired by a photo I took while visiting Lucerne, Switzerland in the winter of 2010.

The monument honors the fallen Swiss Guards during the French Revolution – revolutionaries stormed the palace of King Louis XVI and overran the Swiss Guards in 1792. This monument was dedicated in 1821 in a beautiful grotto. Over 200 years later, it still impresses any visitor to see it. I’ve seen it twice – in Fall and Winter, and each season carries beauty, reverence and contemplation.

It was great fun to get back into the dye studio and create this colorway. I love neutral colors (my wardrobe consists of a lot of grays, blacks & white) and I envision knitted/crocheted socks or hats to go with any outfit!

Available in lace, sock, DK & worsted weight yarn on

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Here are more images from that Switzerland trip. This one shows a good scale of the Lion with me in the foreground. Truly a beautiful and massive piece of art.

Here is one of my favorite pictures – hubby calls it the “Christina” hobbit photo.

Years later, I still have this purple wool coat, and have since purchased some lighter weight puff coats for colder weather. Though after watching “Shetland” on Britbox, I may have to invest in a navy blue double-breasted peacoat like Jimmy Perez wears. . .

Here’s a night shot of Lucerne! Just stunning.

I would be remiss if I didn’t post some food images. After all, Switzerland is the land of chocolate and cheese. (FYI, Swiss Air serves cheese sandwiches and chocolates as snacks on their flights. How.Truly.Awesome.)

Cheese fondue @ Restaurant Fritschi, Luzern

I’ll end this with a fun photo of my first time skiing! What better place to learn then in the Swiss Alps with a master ski instructor (our Godson’s Grandfather, who worked for a ski equipment company)? He fitted us up with the proper equipment and gave us lessons in skiing & snowboarding.

I had a blast going up and down the kiddie slope along with pre-teens and toddlers (even the toddlers with pacifiers-in-mouth were better at skiing that me – LOL) and was happy I did not fall down once! Jake and I have vowed to go skiing/snowboarding again so it’s definitely on our bucket list.

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Photography, Travel

Images of Lucerne

It had been about 20 years since I last visited Lucerne and it’s still just was beautiful as I remembered. This time the streets were snow-lined and the air crisp rather than filled with summer blooms, and still a great great city.  Here are some images of famous landmarks.

This is the 8-sided tower adjacent to the snow covered Chapel Bridge, which is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. There are over 100 hand painted panels on the inside that were completed in the 17th century. According to my guide book, this tower has served as a lighthouse, prison and treasury.

Another snowy view of the Chapel Bridge and tower.

There is a beautiful medieval wall that goes along the north side of the Old Town which was built to fortify the city.  The towers are impressive as are the views of the city from atop the hill.

I love how all the tops of the towers are different. Photo by Jake.

Another view of the wall and foreground foliage.

A view of the neighborhood and city.

The Lion Monument is a tribute to the Swiss Guards who gave their lives while guarding the Tuileries Palace of Louis XVI in Paris in 1792. Taken with a flash, this photo captures the afternoon snow fall.

This photo is just to show you the scale of the monument.

And lastly, Lucerne at night. At the center of the photo is the Jesuit church.

(Lucerne, Switzerland | December 2010)