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2013 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 12-13

Aloha! Here are the colors and inspirational images for weeks 12-13.

We’ve been missing ‘home’ again so I thought I’d dye up some reminders from the island.

This is WAIMANALO FLOWERS in sw merino/tencel roving and merino/cashmere/nylon fingering yarn:



I think I’ve only dyed up this colorway one other time and seeing how I’m now in LOVE with the color orange . . . again . . . this was great fun to dye up. ORANGE HIBISCUS in sparkle lace yarn and sw merino/tencel roving:



And the inspirational photo that I took years ago when I had potted hibiscus plants. Most of the time, pink flowers would bloom and only one per season would be this beautiful orange color!


A quick story about the color orange. . . When I was about 8 years old and a Girl Scout with Troop 124 (yes, I still remember that troop number), we once went on a camping trip to Camp Whites Landing which is located on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles. We had to pack a sleeping bag, and back then orange was my favorite color. Mom and Dad bought me this super warm, super big, bright orange sleeping bag and it was so slippery on the outside that my 8-year-old self could not roll it up. My greatest memory of that trip was watching my troop leader and another adult try to roll up that slippery sleeping bag before the ferry came to take up back up to the mainland! We kept the bag for many years, but eventually it was given away. Luckily, we still have my Care Bear slumber bag which is much easier to roll up. . .

Now, back to yarn. I finished up a custom sock order this week for a bride whose wedding is later this year. She picked out the colors herself and they will be shipped off to her as soon as I print out the postage label.


I had forgotten that I also made 3 pairs of custom socks last year for a customer who wanted to give them to her sisters as Christmas gifts. The one on the left is the customer and the middle and right are her sisters’ socks.


Last month I also finished testing a new pattern, WAHINE SOCKS, to complement my Kane Socks. Wahine in Hawaiian means woman or female, Kane means man or male, and the found the inspirational Hawaiian designs while visiting Disney’s Aulani Resort on Oahu.

This is WAHINE SOCKS in Knitpicks Stroll in Merlot Heather and Sunset Multi:


And for fun, here are last year’s testing of KANE SOCKS in Knitpicks Stroll in Midnight Heather and Blue Topaz:



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2013 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 10-11

Aloha! Here are the colors and inspirational images for weeks 10-11.

A new colorway! PEGGY’S COVE in alpaca lace yarn and Mixed BFL/Silk roving:



Inspired by the photo I took while visiting Peggy’s Cove @ Halifax, Nova Scotia:


DARK UNIVERSE in merino/silk lace yarn and black alpaca/silk roving:



Cloudy2-Inspired FLAMANGOES in superwash merino worsted weight yarn:


FIESTA handspun and Navajo-plied merino/bamboo/silk DK weight yarn:

I wanted to try supported spindling again and took out my pear tahkli spindle and tried spinning a small amount of pink merino/silk wool. It was great fun to use a small wooden bowl for the base. I know you’re supposed to use a ceramic bowl so I’ll try that next. Here’s a work in progress photo:


And the final 2-ply yarn. I think it’s somewhere between lace and fingering weight:

photo-1Of course now I want a Russian supported spindle! (Will the wanting ever end?? LOL!)


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2013 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 8-9

Aloha! Here are the colors and inspirational images for weeks 8-9.

Here’s another colorway inspired by our movie, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2. This is WATERMELOPHANTS (yup, cross between a watermelon and elephant) in 64 ct merino wool and sw merino fingering yarn:



Our trailer came out this week and we are pretty excited it about! Check it out:

Our team did a little fun spoof animation that features our cast and food creatures. My favorite is Sam (in the back with the glasses):

Another new colorway: OWL BUTTERFLY in merino/silk fingering yarn and Mixed BFL wool:



And the inspirational photo I took at a butterfly farm on St. Maarten. Our guide told us that the butterfly’s ‘owl-eye’ pattern on his wing was to keep predators at bay. Fascinating!


DANDELION Batt in merino, wool and banana fibers:


Purple/blue ounce of Targhee roving (I sooo want to spin this up myself, but am trying to be patience and spin up my black alpaca first) . . .


Here are a couple more skeins of SUNSET IN GALLIPOLIS. This first one is a variation in alpaca lace yarn:


In merino/silk/stellina (sparkle) lace yarn:


and a vibrant version in sw merino lace yarn:


I also posted a pretty dark pink ballet/pointe shoe bag:


I thought I’d also share a few projects I’ve been working on. First, is some spinning I completed! I spun about 2.4 ounces of beautiful black alpaca into 268 yards of a 2-ply lace weight skein. I want to make a lace scarf so I need about 2-3 more skeins before I can start knitting.


One final photo. . . I finally completed my first lace project, a scarf using KnitPick’s Shadow Tonal merino lace yarn. For me, it was a challenging pattern just because I’m not used to doing lace work and took me over a year to complete it. It is being gifted to a family member who likes to get my ‘first’ projects (mistakes and all), and hope she likes it.