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2013 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 32-33

Aloha! Here are the colors for weeks 32-33.

Since I haven’t posted socks for a while, I thought I’d start with those. Here are some newly finished pairs. (I’ll post them on the shoppe at a later date.)

KANE SOCKS in merino/silk.


DESIREE DIAMOND SOCKS in merino/bamboo/nylon with glass beads.


DESIREE DIAMOND SOCKS in merino/alpaca/nylon with glass beads.


SQUARED SOCKS – work in progress. After over a year I finally finished ONE sock and am having serious Second Sock Syndrome. This pattern calls for 2 fingering weight and 1 lace weight yarn and it taxes my brain (I designed the pattern so only have me to blame!).  This pair will be for me so I’m in no rush to complete them.


On to the colors. . .

The first is PACIFIC SEA NETTLE in polwarth wool roving and baby alpaca yarn. The photo was taken of the North Pacific Sea Nettle at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.


Next up is FOG in a 64 count merino 2oz mini-batt and superwash merino light-fingering weight yarn (750 yds).  The inspirational photo was taken while cruising through Alaska.


JOKER batt in merino & peruvian wool, banana fibers.

More ballet/pointe shoe crochet bags

And here are some other fun color projects that I’ve done these past couple of weeks.

First, I FINALLY completed the last bit of Tour de Fleece yarn. This is 6oz of Falkland @ 512 yards of Navajo-plied yarn. Am thinking it’s fingering weight yarn but haven’t checked it yet.


Here are the other yarn pieces completed for the 2013 TdF season.



Secondly, some dyeing and  carding projects . . .

These next two braids were fun to make! I first dyed each color separately, then carded them on my drum carder. Using a 1/4″ diz, I pulled the wool off as thick roving which I was able to braid. Here are the before and after photos.

80’s count merino dyed in gray, blue, bright green (colorway name TBD):


Carded & Braided:


And polwarth wool dyed in black, aqua & bright green (to be called TOXIC WATER):


Carded & Braided:


And since I was inspired by a friend’s (Susan D) tomato canning, here’s mine. I was playing around with iPhoto, trying to make a collage and did this ‘card’.




Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific

When I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist/dolphin trainer because I absolutely loved dolphins. My very first personalized car license plate was TURSIOP, which is a truncated version of Tursiops, the Latin Genus name for Bottlenose Dolphins. Yes, I was a geek . . . 🙂

My love for dolphins and marine life continued to grow even though I didn’t become a dolphin trainer, so it’s not surprising that I love aquariums.  One of our local aquariums is in Long Beach, California and opened in 1998.  Just before it opened to the public I went on a special tour of the aquarium with a few colleagues because of the movie we were working on and the need to see jellyfish up close for reference. Parts of the aquarium were still under construction and many tanks were vacant but it felt like seeing an empty movie set – you knew it would eventually be filled with life and energy!

Here are a few photos of the fantastic marine life currently on display at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.



SEA DRAGONS (ooohh, I see a future colorway for yarn!)

A big CRAB dinner!


Various sea life

If you’re ever in Long Beach, definitely stop by the Aquarium.

OH, and in case you were wondering, the movie we needed reference for was the 1998 movie SPHERE, based on Michael Crichton’s book of the same name.