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2012 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 25 & 26

Aloha everyone and Happy Summer!

Here are the colors for weeks 25 and 26. This time we start off in New Zealand for some oldies but goodies.

QUEEN’S WHARF at NIGHT in superwash merino/nylon fingering yarn and merino/silk roving:

On another part of Wellington comes the inspiration for LOVE SHACK in sw merino lace yarn, merino/bamboo roving and merino/nylon/stellina fingering yarn:

Traveling across the Pacific, we make a quick stop in Hawaii to watch a HONU CROSSING. This was inspired by an image that a fellow spinner posted on and she thought it would be a fun colorway for me to recreate in wool.

This is her version in merino/bamboo:

And a couple more I couldn’t resist dyeing up in polwarth roving and merino/tencel fingering yarn:

And lastly we head farther east and south to beautiful Asheville, NC for another oldie, MORNING AT BILTMORE INN in sw merino/cashmere/nylon fingering yarn and BFL/silk roving:



2012 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 21 & 22

Aloha All! Here are the colors for Weeks 21 and 22.

The first was inspired by a well known Hawaiian dessert/snack, HAWAIIAN SHAVE ICE. The best place to get one on Oahu is Aoki’s on the North Shore. The line is always long, the prices fair and you get your choice of flavors with or without sweetened Azuki beans and vanilla ice cream. Be warned though, you’ll be on a sugar high once you’ve eaten it all!

These are pastel versions in merino/bamboo roving and superwash merino lace yarn.

Traveling from the Pacific to the South, this is SOUTHERN SUMMER SUNSET, inspired by a photo taken in Raleigh, North Carolina. These are superwash Falkland British merino/nylon fingering yarn, superwash merino lambswool roving, and superwash merino lace yarn.

We head farther east to Europe for this one. This colorway has grown on me since I’m usually drawn to cooler colors, but BLOOD ORANGES always trigger fond memories of traveling through Italy in winter! These are merino/bamboo/silk roving and sw BFL/nylon fingering yarn.

And we end back on the islands with WINDWARD WATERS, inspired by the colors off the Oahu coast. These are merino/silk lace yarn and corriedale cross roving.



2012 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 19 & 20

Aloha! These past 2 weeks have flown by and I’ve got some some fun stuff to share.

This week I received the May 2012 catalog and sat on the couch next to the hubby one night leafing through the pages when I stopped and saw . . . they added my photo to their catalog! Holy Schnikes! Really?? Here’s page 15 with my Hawaiian Tattoo Socks pattern being the first one on the second row. And they put me next to Camille Chang’s pattern (for me, that’s like being next to Picasso) which is just an honor to be on the same page. Yes, Mom, I’ll get a copy of the catalog for you 🙂

And the colors for weeks 19 and 20 are oldies, but goodies – starting with BEACH UMBRELLA PASTEL in Falkand British Merino/tencel lace yarn and Polwarth roving:

More purples with LAVENDER FIELDS in 80/20 Merino/Silk roving, superwash Merino/nylon fingering yarn and Cashmere/Merino/nylon fingering yarn:

This colorway is a somewhat new one and brings back fond memories of a mid-afternoon snack. This is PRETZELS & BEER in English Shetland roving and superwash Merino/nylon fingering yarn:

The last two colorways come from my favorite place on earth, Hawaii. This is LANIKAI in Cashmere/Merino/nylon fingering yarn and Merino/tencel roving:

And from the island of Kauai, WAILUA FALLS in Mixed BFL/Silk roving and superwash Merino/nylon fingering yarn:

This weekend I’m participating in a virtual Spin-In where a bunch of us all over the US are taking the weekend to spin as much we can and post photos of our work. We are also doing a yarn swap of our handspun yarn – how fun! I was already working on some cormo yarn prior to the Spin-In so I had to finish that first. Here are the results so far.

This is 3.83 oz of Cormo roving | 32 WPI (lace weight) | 606 yds | 2 ply

After plying that, I started on my first real piece for the weekend. This is from my very first drum carded batt using gray merino wool and peach-pink merino/silk wool:

off for more spinning! enjoy!


2012 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 17 & 18

Aloha Everyone!

Thanks to all to took advantage of my MAYDAY sale last week 🙂 I was able to clear out a bunch of yarn and wool to make room for new wool lines. Please check the shoppe shortly for new listings.

Here the the colors for Weeks 17 & 18.

A new colorway, COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF, named for my favorite mainland coffee shop. This is superwash merino lace yarn and superwash merino/nylon wool.

Another new colorway, EIFFEL AT NIGHT. I took this photo just before we rode the elevator to the platform for a spectacular view of Paris. This is superwash merino fingering yarn and 21.5m merino wool roving.

PURPLE OVERLAY, another new colorway, is based on one of my first experiments with dyeing. I, like most dyers, started with kool-aid and food coloring and dyed up a skein with electric orange, green and blue. This was so bright that I could hardly knit without wearing sunglasses! So, I frogged my knitting, wound the yarn back into a skein and overdyed with a medium purple and it came out similar to this. (As an aside, I ended up knitting myself a pair of socks with the overdyed yarn and love them!)

In honor of the coming summer, this is PEACH COBBLER in merino/silk lace yarn and BFL/silk wool.

I did a bit of spinning and spun up about 200 yds of fingering weight targhee yarn. CALICO, named for the old ‘ghost’ mining town in the California desert is just under 2 oz.



Yarn & Fiber Colors for Week 26

Whew! Summer is here! After a very hot 4th of July weekend with lots of time for dyeing and all things yarny, here are a few colorways for ya:

WATER & MOONBEANS is a handspun yarn made from fiber from 2 etsy artisans. Water is a cashmere/silk blend from CorgiHillFarm, and Moonbeams is a merino/bamboo/silk/sparkle blend that ws part of a “fiber club” shipment from SosaeCaetano. Both were beautiful on their own but together made a beautiful 2-ply yarn.

LAVENDER LEMONADE is named after a drink found at a local vegetarian/vegan restaurant. I must admit at first I was skeptical to try an all-vegetarian place since I am such a carnivore, but this particular restaurant is awesome.  Native Foods is a chain so I would definitely recommend trying their Lavender Lemonade if you have one near you.

This one is a superwash merino/nylon wool roving:

While this one is a merino/bamboo fingering weight yarn:

HAWAIIAN RED DIRT, named for the famous dirt from the island what will never come off your white clothes no matter how hard you try, is a superwash merino lace weight yarn:

LIGURE SUNSET 2 is a Targhee Top roving – so bouncy!! This time around the black dye didn’t break as much as I liked so I added some brown to add more color.

LOVE SHACK is also a superwash merino wool named for a bus stop in Days Bay, Wellington, NZ.

And lastly, AHI POKE, named for one of my favorite Hawaiian dishes of raw tuna fish, onions, seaweed and spices!! Yummmmmers!

This one is a superwash merino wool fingering yarn:

And this one is a Peruvian wool roving:

Wheeeee!! Happy Summer everyone 🙂 Enjoy!