Diamonds in the Rough Socks

Whenever I hear the phrase “A Diamond in the Rough” I actually think of animation. Yes, I work in animation so it’s probably ingrained in my brain, however what comes to mind is from the movie Aladdin, where the Genie says this phrase and we see Aladdin running through the marketplace.

With respect to these socks, the pattern was not only inspired by Aladdin, but inspiration also came from a rug! (Well, doesn’t Aladdin ride on a magic carpet?) A beautiful purple rug I saw in a catalog for children’s furniture.  The purple reminded me of a lot of the color palette in Aladdin and the open diamond pattern of the rug was begging to be made into socks!

Diamonds in the Rough Socks actually has 3 different diamond patterns: the front has the thin and the thicker patterns in 2 rows, while the bottom and back of the sock is a like a checkerboard diamond pattern.

Foot and back of leg pattern:

For all your KP fans, this is Stroll in Eggplant and Lantana (both discontinued).