Colorwork Socks for Fall 2011 – Take 2

Today was another milestone for us at work so I’ve been busy racing towards that goal these past few weeks. But as stressful as life can get I seem to always find time for a bit of knitting. Thank goodness it’s a stress-reliever! I managed to complete two pairs this past weekend which I started about a month or so ago so it’s take a little while to get them done. Both are on the shoppe now.


and CHUTES and LADDERS SOCKS in mauve/purple

The second pair is made with yarn that I hand-dyed a pretty pink, then overdyed with a diluted black to get a purple/mauve color with pink pops.  I recently casted on two more socks so I’ll post them once they are farther along. Enjoy!


Colorwork Socks for Fall 2011

Along with dyeing, I’ve spent much of the summer knitting up socks for the shoppe. All of these are my own design with variations here and there. I just love putting colors together and seeing how they knit up. Here are a few I’ve completed.



SMOCKED SOCKS – Brown/Orange



I’ve got a couple more on my needles and other color combo’s waiting in the wings. I just need a few more hours in each day . . . 🙂

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Hawaiian Tattoo Socks – Purple

I was asked to make a custom pair of socks using my Hawaiian Tattoo pattern and thought I’d share some photos.

The recipient’s favorite color is purple (mine too!) so this was a joy to create, and of course I now want a pair just like it! I dove into my yarn stash which is located in a few hidden compartments throughout the home, and wouldn’t you know it – there wasn’t the ‘right’ purple yarn to use. So, I took out some undyed sock yarn and dyed up a color that I thought would work.

Here are a couple work in progress photos:

the front

and back

and the final product on the foot model

the last photo really shows off the side and back designs! i’m wondering if i had enough purple yarn for a pair for me . . .

(KP lovers – this is Stroll in Black and Bare Stroll hand dyed in Lilac/Purple)



Homage to Sock Summit 2011

So, I had hoped to attend Sock Summit in Portland this year but alas, plans changed and wasn’t able to this year. I do hope it’s super successful that they would want to do it again and maybe then I’ll get my chance. I think this would be Nirvana for someone like me to likes to knit socks – a convention dedicated to sock knitting. Swoon!

In honor of this year’s event, I’m posting some of my latest WIP (work-in-progress) projects, some finished ones and sneak peeks to my latest designs.


A = my “Hawaiian Tattoo Socks” in KP’s Bare and Stroll Tonal in Blue Yonder.

B = my “Diamonds in the Rough Socks” in KP Stroll in Eggplant and Lantana (discontinued colors). I may have posted these before . . .

C = this is one of my newest designs, still a WIP called “Smocked Socks”.  I finished the cuff just after taking the photo today so I am now starting on the 2nd sock. This is KP’s Stroll Tonal in Kindling and Foliage and I love the great ‘fall’ colors!

D = Also one of the newer designs. I’ve been working on this one since February and it’s kind of challenging, but I am a bit crazy! This is my “TriColor Socks” and they are knitted with 3 (yes 3!) different lace weight yarns in Fair Isle knitting (I did say I was a bit crazy). The body of the socks have each color knitted as a single stitch, except for the toes, heel and cuff which are 2 strands held together. This is KP’s Shadow Tonal in Canopy and Springtime and KP’s Merino Wool lace weight yarn (white).

E = another version of my “Shamrock Socks” in Stroll Multi in Lucky and Bare fingering.