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Nomination for the Creative Blog Hop

Aloha all! I was nominated by the incomparable Debra Garner on her blog for the creative Blog Hop. I will be answering 4 questions about crafting and then nominate fabulous individuals to do the same.

What am I working on?

I’m currently working on a pair of FLAG SOCKS: USA for fiber friend, Alison’s mom. I’m a bit farther along than this photo and should be done very soon!


Of course I have many projects in progress as well and below is a photo of projects that I switch back and forth.

The front sock is being made from my self-striping “Zinnia” colorway yarn. The black yarn is Knitpicks’ Stroll and the pattern is called “Diamonds In the Rough” and is not yet available.

The top left sock is one of my very first designs, though I originally designed it for non-colorwork. Since I LOVE colorwork so much, I’m adapting the pattern using my hand-dyed gray/purple as the base and a beautiful Pagewood Farms yarn as the accent. The pattern is called “Tango Swerve” and is not yet available.

Top right sock is being knitted using my hand-dyed yarn both in a merino/bamboo base, I believe. The pattern is called “Smocked Socks” and is not yet available.


I started my very first shawl project this summer! The pattern is by Emily Ross, called “Biltmore“, and after visiting the Biltmore Estate a few years ago I fell in love with it just as Emily had. It is a rectangular shawl which is perfect and the yarn is my hand-dyed “Monet’s House” colorway. This colorway was a custom request from a Facebook group called Yet Another Shawl. I just love seeing the different shawls all the ladies are making with Monet’s House – such talented knitters and crocheters in that group!


I’m also working on dyeing up custom yarn orders and will have more on the shoppe soon!

 Question 2: How does my work differ from others of its genre?

One of the great things about being passionate about yarn and fiber is that I’m also a fan of other indie dyers, designers and creators. We all have a different ‘eye’ for design or color and I am amazed at how everyone expresses themselves in different ways.

When I started dyeing yarn and wool, I needed inspiration and decided that all those vacation photos that I took might be the ticket! So, I scoured my files – some digital, some real paper photos – and practiced replicating those colors in wool.  I found I really enjoyed it, and having a hubby who is a professional artist is great for asking questions about mixing colors, combinations, etc. I try my best to impress him with my creations!

Here are a few of my photos and the yarn/wool I created from the image.





 Question 3: Why do I create what I do?

At first I started knitting as a stress reliever from a high-paced, high-stress (but equally fun) career. I found I enjoyed knitting and once I learned how to knit socks, the passion for yarn escalated. I joined the KnitPicks Community and was soon learning about yarn spinning and yarn dyeing. Funny enough, my first thoughts were “Why on earth would someone want to dye their own yarn when you can buy it already dyed?” . . . followed by “Why on earth would someone want to spin their own yarn when you can buy it already spun?”.

The answer is of course: because you love it. I create because I absolutely love it. After finding the passion for yarn I have found that I love sharing my passion with others, and the fiber friends I’ve met in person and online are kindred spirits that never cease to amaze me with their constant support and kind-hearted generosity.


Question 4: How does my creative process work?

I am inspired by everything around me. Whether that be the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies, walking to lunch and seeing vibrant flowers, vacation photos or other photos that fiber friends send me, I’m always thinking of the next colorway or design.

Once I have a colorway in mind, I write down the dye colors I think would match what I have envisioned in my mind and let it marinate in my head for about a week. After a week, I come back to the written ‘formula’ and see if any changes need to be made. Then the experimenting begins.


I can usually get the colors close the first time around (since it’s been marinating in my head for a week) though I have had to make some adjustments on the fly if the dye doesn’t turn out the way I want. The photo above is a colorway that will be on the shoppe soon, called Kai’s Dragon, which I created based on a drawing my godson Kai did for my birthday card.

Here’s my original colorway:


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about me.  I can’t wait to learn more about my nominees, Sue of soobeeart,  Jenny of Marigoldjen (Marigoldjen on Ravelry) and Susanne of SussesSpindehjrne (SmilendeSusse on Ravelry).

Mahalo nui loa,


Knitting, Yarn/Roving

2013 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 12-13

Aloha! Here are the colors and inspirational images for weeks 12-13.

We’ve been missing ‘home’ again so I thought I’d dye up some reminders from the island.

This is WAIMANALO FLOWERS in sw merino/tencel roving and merino/cashmere/nylon fingering yarn:



I think I’ve only dyed up this colorway one other time and seeing how I’m now in LOVE with the color orange . . . again . . . this was great fun to dye up. ORANGE HIBISCUS in sparkle lace yarn and sw merino/tencel roving:



And the inspirational photo that I took years ago when I had potted hibiscus plants. Most of the time, pink flowers would bloom and only one per season would be this beautiful orange color!


A quick story about the color orange. . . When I was about 8 years old and a Girl Scout with Troop 124 (yes, I still remember that troop number), we once went on a camping trip to Camp Whites Landing which is located on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles. We had to pack a sleeping bag, and back then orange was my favorite color. Mom and Dad bought me this super warm, super big, bright orange sleeping bag and it was so slippery on the outside that my 8-year-old self could not roll it up. My greatest memory of that trip was watching my troop leader and another adult try to roll up that slippery sleeping bag before the ferry came to take up back up to the mainland! We kept the bag for many years, but eventually it was given away. Luckily, we still have my Care Bear slumber bag which is much easier to roll up. . .

Now, back to yarn. I finished up a custom sock order this week for a bride whose wedding is later this year. She picked out the colors herself and they will be shipped off to her as soon as I print out the postage label.


I had forgotten that I also made 3 pairs of custom socks last year for a customer who wanted to give them to her sisters as Christmas gifts. The one on the left is the customer and the middle and right are her sisters’ socks.


Last month I also finished testing a new pattern, WAHINE SOCKS, to complement my Kane Socks. Wahine in Hawaiian means woman or female, Kane means man or male, and the found the inspirational Hawaiian designs while visiting Disney’s Aulani Resort on Oahu.

This is WAHINE SOCKS in Knitpicks Stroll in Merlot Heather and Sunset Multi:


And for fun, here are last year’s testing of KANE SOCKS in Knitpicks Stroll in Midnight Heather and Blue Topaz: