Diamonds in the Rough Socks

Whenever I hear the phrase “A Diamond in the Rough” I actually think of animation. Yes, I work in animation so it’s probably ingrained in my brain, however what comes to mind is from the movie Aladdin, where the Genie says this phrase and we see Aladdin running through the marketplace.

With respect to these socks, the pattern was not only inspired by Aladdin, but inspiration also came from a rug! (Well, doesn’t Aladdin ride on a magic carpet?) A beautiful purple rug I saw in a catalog for children’s furniture.  The purple reminded me of a lot of the color palette in Aladdin and the open diamond pattern of the rug was begging to be made into socks!

Diamonds in the Rough Socks actually has 3 different diamond patterns: the front has the thin and the thicker patterns in 2 rows, while the bottom and back of the sock is a like a checkerboard diamond pattern.

Foot and back of leg pattern:

For all your KP fans, this is Stroll in Eggplant and Lantana (both discontinued).



Crazy Crazy Eights & Inlet Socks for Jason

For the past 1.5 months I’ve been working on completing a couple of custom made socks for Jason in Seattle, who found me on Etsy. This was such a fun endeavor as it truly was a collaborative effort. Jason picked out the designs he wanted as well as the yarn color combinations for each pair of colorwork socks.

Here are some photos of the finished knee-hi socks in US Mens 10. Please note the rounded part towards the tops of the socks are for the calf shaping 🙂

Jason’s Crazy Crazy Eights Socks in Dark Blue/Blue Multi (KP lovers, this is Stroll in Midnight Heather and Stroll Multi in Atmosphere).

Jason’s second pair are Inlet Socks in brown multi/burgundy (KP Stroll Tonal in Kindling, Palette in Currant).

Final sock dimensions:

heel to toe: 10.5″ | heel to cuff: 18.5″ | foot circumference: 9.5″

Thanks Jason for the fun opportunity to make these for you!


Maya’s Swiss Socks

We’ve been talking about going to Switzerland for years now and had the opportunity this Christmas/New Year’s that included a wonderful event: our Godson’s baptism. We spent about 7 days in snowy Switzerland and returned home just a few  hours ago.  I made a few knitted gifts for our ‘new’ family and among them were these socks fashioned with the Switzerland flag and Maya’s initials.

The red yarn is a great compliment to the natural colored yarn and the bottom of the foot is a nice check pattern.  I presented the socks last week (the day I learned to ski in the Swiss Alps) and Maya liked them so much she even wore them skiing that day 🙂

And yes, I’ll be posting photos of the trip shortly!

A HUGE Mahalo to M, A, L, K, W, B, Y, A & K for your generosity, hospitality, love and for a wonderful wonderful trip. We look forward to seeing you again soon!