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Yarn & Fiber Colors for Week 21

Ah, I am a bit late in posting due to the long weekend and working during said weekend, but here we go with this week’s yarn colors.

This first skein was inspired by a very crafty knitter by the name of Nutty4Knitting. Nutty does actually has a first name but we will keep that secret for the time being. I had some new fibers and yarns coming in so I asked the Dye-Along forum on KnitPicks Community for suggestions on new colorways. Nutty suggested a peach, blue, blue-gray color – now, how pretty does that sound? I am sure this isn’t exactly what she was thinking as I took some liberties with the dyes, but I think A NUTTY SUGGESTION  came out nicely in a superwash wool yarn. Thank you Nutty!!

PURPLE HAZE 2 is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend that came out brighter than I thought. Instead of using a purple dye, I mixed blue and red and it seemed really dark in liquid form. I love that there are still specks of blue and red in it as well.

Now we jet off to two of my favorite places in the world. . .

WAIMANALO STORM is our fave beach on Oahu where we found ourselves running to the car to avoid the sudden torrential downpour. 10 minutes later it was sunny again and we were back on the beach 🙂

And lastly, LIGURE SUNSET was inspired by a photo I took from the first town of the famous Cinque Terre, Monterosso, during sunset.

inspired by:

and there you have it. Week 21 colors! enjoy!!