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Lion Monument in Winter Colorway

Here is a brand new colorway to the shoppe: Lion Monument in Winter! This was inspired by a photo I took while visiting Lucerne, Switzerland in the winter of 2010.

The monument honors the fallen Swiss Guards during the French Revolution – revolutionaries stormed the palace of King Louis XVI and overran the Swiss Guards in 1792. This monument was dedicated in 1821 in a beautiful grotto. Over 200 years later, it still impresses any visitor to see it. I’ve seen it twice – in Fall and Winter, and each season carries beauty, reverence and contemplation.

It was great fun to get back into the dye studio and create this colorway. I love neutral colors (my wardrobe consists of a lot of grays, blacks & white) and I envision knitted/crocheted socks or hats to go with any outfit!

Available in lace, sock, DK & worsted weight yarn on

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Here are more images from that Switzerland trip. This one shows a good scale of the Lion with me in the foreground. Truly a beautiful and massive piece of art.

Here is one of my favorite pictures – hubby calls it the “Christina” hobbit photo.

Years later, I still have this purple wool coat, and have since purchased some lighter weight puff coats for colder weather. Though after watching “Shetland” on Britbox, I may have to invest in a navy blue double-breasted peacoat like Jimmy Perez wears. . .

Here’s a night shot of Lucerne! Just stunning.

I would be remiss if I didn’t post some food images. After all, Switzerland is the land of chocolate and cheese. (FYI, Swiss Air serves cheese sandwiches and chocolates as snacks on their flights. How.Truly.Awesome.)

Cheese fondue @ Restaurant Fritschi, Luzern

I’ll end this with a fun photo of my first time skiing! What better place to learn then in the Swiss Alps with a master ski instructor (our Godson’s Grandfather, who worked for a ski equipment company)? He fitted us up with the proper equipment and gave us lessons in skiing & snowboarding.

I had a blast going up and down the kiddie slope along with pre-teens and toddlers (even the toddlers with pacifiers-in-mouth were better at skiing that me – LOL) and was happy I did not fall down once! Jake and I have vowed to go skiing/snowboarding again so it’s definitely on our bucket list.

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