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Here are some photos of our family’s town in Fürigen, Switzerland. The photo above is the sun setting over Hotel Fürigen, which is not open now, but scheduled to be re-modeled into apartments as well as hotel rooms.

The photo below is the same sunset only an hour or so later. We walked to a look-out point and this is looking back towards the hotel (I think that’s the hotel in the center-right of the photo).

As we were walking to the look-out point, I took this photo of the lake as seen from the front of a house. This gorgeous house is actually a vacation rental house, so you can rent it out and wake to this view everyday. Swoon . . . .

Another view of the lake.

I took this photo in the town of Stansstad where we stayed at a local hotel. The snowy area up the hill is Fürigen.

(Fürigen, Central Switzerland | December 2010, January 2011)