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Images of Hawaii 2013 – Part 2: “Flyin Hawaiian Zipline”


Here are more photos from our recent trip to Hawaii from the beautiful island of Maui and the amazing time we had ziplining.

I’ve always wanted to go ziplining and luckily my adventurous hubby, brother and sis-in-law were game too! After doing some research online, we found Flyin Hawaiian Zipline. They had the longest zipline in Hawaii with a 4-5 hour tour! I am not afraid of heights, but like any unknown event, I get some butterflies in my tummy at first.

We awoke before sunrise and traveled to Wailuku to the Maui Tropical Plantation where the 7am tour started.


One of the sugar cane fields was being harvested so we saw the smoke from the harvest during the morning sunrise.


After weighing/checking in our guide, Alika, got us harnessed up. One of drivers, Caleb, took us up the mountain in one of these ATV’s.


Our other two guides, Nick and Kupono, took us through the safety protocols, braking methods and we did our practice zip that was only a few feet off the ground. Then the fun began. They start you with the 2nd longest line and I just had to go first. . . you know, to chase the butterflies away.


Here are some views from the mountain. The hikes were quite manageable and the guides always offered their help, snacks or water.



This gives you an idea of what the lines look like from ridge to ridge. This was one of the smaller lines.


In the middle of the tour our guides took us to a garden where FHZ is making an effort to bring back native plants to the islands. They are planting the Hawaiian State Flower, the yellow hibiscus, on the mountain and had us help water them. The first plant I watered was called “Hibiscuits and Gravy” – awesome.


Our guides took turns going to the next platform, and that first person over was who helped us ‘brake’. Alika is getting ready to head out.


Here is Alika’s way of heading to the last platform. That little speck on the far ridge was where he was heading. No, we didn’t get to go upside down, but we did go backwards once!


And here’s me coming in for a landing. I can’t think of a better way to ring in the Winter Solstice than ziplining Flyin Hawaiian on my favorite island with my hubby and siblings. Photo by Hermine.

Tina coming in for a landing.

Maui, Hawaii | 21 December 2013

Flyin Hawaiian Zipline
1670 Honoapiilani Hwy
Wailuku, HI 96793-9347
(808) 463-5786 | flyinhawaiianzipline.com


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