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2012 Yarn & Fiber Colors – Weeks 9 & 10

Aloha All! Here are the colors for weeks 9 & 10.

I’m still experimenting with fiber reactive dyes (used on cellulose or plant fibers) and found this easy-to-spin cotton roving! I was so excited to dye this up and it came out very patriotic. This is AMERICANA in cotton roving

and organic cotton/bamboo fingering yarn

This next colorway was inspired by an island creature. This is HANGIN’ HAWAIIAN GECKO in superwash BFL roving

and superwash merino/nylon fingering yarn

More superwash BFL roving in LAVENDER LEMONADE

and merino silk lace yarn

and if you’re not in the mood for lemonade, how about some NUTTY TEA in 64 ct merino roving

in BFL silk roving

and merino/cashmere/nylon fingering yarn

based on a fellow spinner’s ‘tea break’ photo during last month’s virtual Spin-In

(thank you Nutty for the inspiration and use of your photo!)

I am also trying more ‘boy’ colorways and started with WOODLAND, based on some video game characters. I was hoping for darker tones, but am still happy with how it came out. This is polwarth roving

and ‘tweed’ (merino and superwash merino) fingering yarn

. . .  some dyed icicle roving for added sparking in your fiber blending. This one is KELP GREEN

and lastly, a handspun in Peruvian wool. This is TIDEPOOL, spun and thread-plied during last month’s Spin-In



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