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Images of Hawaii – Part 2


 It’s been rainy here so we get bits of sunshine poking through rainclouds and strong winds, but still is beautiful every day. Here are some of our recent photos.

Sunset over pineapple fields.

We drove to see Chinaman’s Hat and found these mountains opposite the water to be just spectacular.

Chinaman’s Hat.

Red flag warnings for dangerous beaches.

One evening we decided to drive up a nearby ridge to catch the view. Here’s what we saw from a hilltop neighborhood. What a view!

Since it’s been quite rainy, rainbows are abundant. This pretty one is right over the ocean.

Cloudy sunset at Kailua.

One of our favorite places to get a refreshing treat is the Dole Plantation. Their ‘Dole Whip’ is a pineapple sherbert-y dessert that is just awesome. The plantation has a side garden where different types of pineapples are growing on display and this was a small pineapple in the garden.

Also in the garden are these beautiful trees/flowers. I loved how the bright pink/red of this contrasts against the bright blue sky.

And for some knitting. Here are photos of my finished socks.

And my work in progress socks



4 thoughts on “Images of Hawaii – Part 2”

  1. I think there are going to be some beautiful new colorways. Especially from the sunset over the pineapple fields or the pineapple garden or the trees/flowers. Looks like a Dole Christmas!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your vacation with us!! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I’m actually wondering when you are finding time for knitting?!!!!!! =))
    btw: I just love the little snowfluffs falling over pictures of Hawaii!! Too much fun!! =)


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