Colorwork Socks for Fall 2011 – Take 2

Today was another milestone for us at work so I’ve been busy racing towards that goal these past few weeks. But as stressful as life can get I seem to always find time for a bit of knitting. Thank goodness it’s a stress-reliever! I managed to complete two pairs this past weekend which I started about a month or so ago so it’s take a little while to get them done. Both are on the shoppe now.


and CHUTES and LADDERS SOCKS in mauve/purple

The second pair is made with yarn that I hand-dyed a pretty pink, then overdyed with a diluted black to get a purple/mauve color with pink pops.  I recently casted on two more socks so I’ll post them once they are farther along. Enjoy!


1 thought on “Colorwork Socks for Fall 2011 – Take 2”

  1. Wow, the Chutes and Ladders are really great! If I hadn’t already just placed an order, I might have added these to my list. I still think you should consider a pattern book.


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