Yarn & Fiber Colors for Weeks 43-44

I’m actually ahead of the weekend for once and thought I’d share the latest dye session results. I have a couple new colorways that I’m excited about!! You can find these on the shoppe.

So, this summer/fall I was commissioned to re-create some colorways in wool based on a company logo or customer photo. I was so thrilled about the prospect to creating such pieces which was also accompanied by the occasional “GASP! Can I really do this?”. So I pondered on the images supplied to me, got my dyes out and went to work . . . and they came out lovely. (I’ll post these after I get permission from the logo/photo owners).

That got me thinking – maybe I should do a colorway for ALOHABLU! Then the pressure really started because I do LOVE my logo and love the person who designed it even more, my artist hubby. I wanted to make sure I did his artwork justice and for the first time since I started dyeing yarn for the shoppe, I actually created one skein for me.

This is ALOHABLU, in Falkland British Superwash Merino/Tencel fingering yarn:

based on my pineapple logo

This version is available on the shoppe, whilst the Merino/Bamboo version is mine.

Another new colorway is STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, after my childhood dolly who smelled like the dessert and had other fragrant friends with similar scents and names.

Since we’re getting close to the THANKSGIVING holiday, I created some in yarn and wool.

Here’s the yarn version inΒ  superwash BFL/nylon:

Another version of ROMAN CHURCH in superwash merino

PEACH BLUSH in merino/silk lace yarn

MORNING AT BILTMORE INN in merino/nylon/stellina

LAVENDER FIELDS in superwash BFL/nylon

HANALEI in self-striping superwash/merino yarn

A NUTTY SUGGESTION in superwash BFL/nylon yarn

WAIMANALO STORM in superwash merino lace

And VENETIAN THUNDERSTORM in merino/silk lace

Some recent handspun yarns . . .

This is FIREPIT – 64 ct merino wool that I hand-dyed, then blended on my hackle

GRINCH is hand-dyed and hand-spun Corriedale

KAANAPALI BEACH is hand-dyed and hand-spun merino/silk

and lastly, the wool rovings

AVALON is merino/bamboo/nylon

BLOOD ORANGES in superwash merino

LAVENDER FIELDS in merino/tencel

A blue-ish version of MORNING AT BILTMORE INN in merino/alpaca/silk

PEACH COBBLER in Colonial wool

and THANKGIVING in merino/tencel



8 thoughts on “Yarn & Fiber Colors for Weeks 43-44”

  1. Oh, my, Christina, it never clicked that it was your sweet hubby who did your logo! Shame on me for not realizing that. You definitely did justice to your AlohaBlu logo! As always, everything is very lovely.


    1. Aww, thanks Cheryl. I was a bit nervous dyeing it up at first, but the first skein came out nicely so I didn’t mind doing another. I think next time I’ll try making the navy color darker but I’m still liking it πŸ™‚


  2. Oh dear! Your blog is every bit as tempting as your posts in KP SAL forums. I’m running off now before I get into trouble!


  3. Christina, I’m with Cheryl when she said she didn’t know it was your hubby who designed your logo. After reading that, I was like ‘duh!’ That is very special indeed! And I love your logo colorway, it is probably one of my favorites. Although so many of your colorways are absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know how you do it, but you just keep coming up with so many beautiful creations, that the next one tops the one before. I’m with Beverly, I need to run away, because seriously, there are at least 8 here on this page I’d love to have in my stash!


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