Posted by: AlohaBlu | October 30, 2011

Hawaiian Tattoo Socks – Purple

I was asked to make a custom pair of socks using my Hawaiian Tattoo pattern and thought I’d share some photos.

The recipient’s favorite color is purple (mine too!) so this was a joy to create, and of course I now want a pair just like it! I dove into my yarn stash which is located in a few hidden compartments throughout the home, and wouldn’t you know it – there wasn’t the ‘right’ purple yarn to use. So, I took out some undyed sock yarn and dyed up a color that I thought would work.

Here are a couple work in progress photos:

the front

and back

and the final product on the foot model

the last photo really shows off the side and back designs! i’m wondering if i had enough purple yarn for a pair for me . . .

(KP lovers – this is Stroll in Black and Bare Stroll hand dyed in Lilac/Purple)




  1. You really should compile a book! Your socks are always fabulous.


  2. thanks so much Cheryl! i should think about putting a photo book together – oh but a real book book. . . oh my!


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