Yarn & Fiber Colors for Weeks 41-42

Aloha! Here are some fun colors for Weeks 41 & 42 🙂

THANKSGIVING is always a fun holiday for us kids growing up. We always look forward to Dad’s turkey, stuffing and fixings. Mom would make candied sweet potatoes while Dad insisted on having cranberry sauce that only he ate! This version of Thanksgiving is a yummy Alpaca/Merino/Silk blend.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m reminded again of a non-tradition Thanksgiving day a few years ago. After visiting King Louis XIV’s palace in the city of Versailles, we walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch and I took a photo of a city street showing the fall trees and surrounding buildings. STREETS OF VERSAILLES in Targhee is a fantastic reminder of that special Thanksgiving in France!

Another vacation photo was the inspiration for SUNSET OVER TITLUS, a BFL/Silk blend. Though we won’t be spending the holiday season in Switzerland, I do think about our trip often and wonder if all sunsets over Mount Titlus are breathtaking. My hunch is yes . . .

A fellow fiber enthusiasts – Peggy S – presented a beautiful photo she took in her home city of Park City, Utah.  Peggy commissioned me to create a custom colorway based on her photo. This is Superwash BFL wool as AUTUMN IN PARK CITY.

I took another pass at MEDIEVAL WALL and it came out with more yellow than the last versions, but it then reminded me of another photo I took of the famous Lucerne wall with yellow leaves covered with snow. This is BFL wool.

Some days the mad scientist (aka colorist) in me goes crazy and I mix a number of different dyes together and see what happens. I mixed some greens and something else and it came out with this beautiful green/teal color. This is MERMAID in corriedale.

ST. PETER’S DOME in South American Wool is named after a photo I took while climbing the stairs to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

I really love Merino wool and this is a wonderful 64 count roving called FALL HARVEST!

I thought I’d try SUNSET OVER TITLUS in yarn and am thrilled at the outcome. This is a superwash merino/nylon fingering yarn.

I’ve been handspinning more yarn lately and this one is a oatmeal BFL wool base dyed in blues and greens, so the yarn has these subtle hits of color.  This is BEACH ROCKS.

I was also inspired this past week by my KnitPicks Community pals to try my hand at self-striping yarn. I’ve always shied away from trying because it seems too complicated. After much encouragement, I did my first skein yesterday so I’ll post the outcome after it dries. Yay!!


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