Color blending | Combs & Hackle

Recently I’ve come to understand why artists love so many different types of mediums – it’s just so much fun to create using various tools!! I can see how using oil on canvas versus watercolors can give you an entire different ‘look’. I’m learning that with fiber. My latest toys, er tools, are a set of wool combs and a blending hackle. Or as I like to call them, medieval torture devices. (Well, they are super sharp and intimidating. I bet the combs make great ‘Wolverine’ claws too – oooh, Halloween costume idea! But I digress . . . )

The combs are used for cleaning fleece and pulling out the longest strands so the short bits don’t get caught in your wool. After practicing on some Corriedale fiber, I was amazed at how fluffy and airy the wool was!

The purple is corriedale and red is a merino cross and I sandwiched them in layers:

Then I started on one end of the hackle and pulled the fibers through a 2mm diz to create these two ‘practice’ balls of roving. It was fun to practice!

I then took some corriedale that I dyed into bright green and gray-black, lashed about 2 oz onto the hackle and pulled 2 balls of roving. This came out nicely!

I saved the ‘best’ for last and this one I just love.  I dyed up some ounces of merino in black and had some leftover purple/blue merino from a previous dye session, then added some of my ‘Worldly’ dyed bamboo. It’s so pretty that I almost don’t want to spin it . . . almost.

More to come! Enjoy 🙂


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