Yarn & Fiber Colors for Weeks 35-36

Some weekends I do really great with organizing my time to dye/paint and crank out a good amount of dyed wool. It also helps when the creativity hits me just right. Week 35 was one of those weekends for me and I was able to dye up 11 skeins of yarn 🙂 That was so much fun, and I didn’t even mind the re-skeining (by hand!). Here are some of the colorways:

VIEW FROM FURIGEN in merino/tencel lace:

THANKSGIVING in merino/tencel fingering:

SURF ‘N’ TURF in merino/silk lace weight:

TEQUILA SUNRISE in superwash merino lace weight:

SEA DRAGONS in merino/bamboo fingering:

PEACH COBBLER in merino/nylon/stellina fingering:

MORNING at BILTMORE INN in superwash merino/nylon fingering:

BILTMORE BENCH in superwash merino, fingering:

COMET TRAIL in sparkly merino/silk lace weight:

EIFFEL AT DUSK in superwash merino lace:

HALONA in a tweed fingering:

Some handspun fun . . .

GOLDEN PINEAPPLE in Peruvian wool:




1 thought on “Yarn & Fiber Colors for Weeks 35-36”

  1. Christina, your work is amazing as always. I was checking my contact list tonight and wanted to make sure I put the correct last name down. So I looked you up on IMDB. I started to put in a profile to say what wonderful yarn and fiber you dye and spin. But thought I should have your permission before I do so.


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