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Yarn & Fiber Colors for Weeks 31 – 32

Hard to believe it’s mid-August already and they have the ‘back to school’ commercials running on TV. Pretty soon Autumn will be here – my favorite season. I’m still posting summer-y colors, though I am adding some fall colors to the line up. For now, here are some colorways with a bit ‘brighter’ disposition.

MAGIC is a handspun laceweight yarn spun from Hanks In the Hood roving. This is a lovely Merino/Bamboo blend and I just love the colors – reminds me of the Disneyland show, Fantasmic!

ST. PETER’S DOME is inspired by a photo I took during a trip to Italy over a decade ago when I made sure to visit Vatican City to tour the Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica and eventually made my way to the very top of the dome. As you near the top, the walls cave inward giving you a sense of vertigo! This picture was taken with the camera positioned perpendicular to the floor. I later returned to Italy with my husband and challenged him to see how fast we can make it up the 320 steps to the top. We did it in less than 10 minutes 🙂

VICTORIA SUNSET was inspired by a photo I took while on our Alaskan cruise as one of our ports of call was the town of Victoria, British Columbia. Though we didn’t disembark we did spend some time admiring the beautiful sunset.

This is VICTORIA SUNSET in merino/silk lace weight.

I’m excited to be branching out into cellulose (plant) fibers and this is BEACH PARK, a bamboo top roving. Many beaches in Hawaii have a grassy area above the shoreline where patrons can have picnics, parties and hang out. One of my most favorite memories at a south Maui BEACH PARK was the day before my wedding where our family played in the ocean, grilled hamburgers and hotdogs on the beach on a perfect fall day.

HAWAII KAI SUNSET 2 has another photo inspiration. We love this part of Oahu and sunsets here are breathtaking.  I took this photo while driving back towards Honolulu and was stopped at a red light. The sun was just behind the clouds on while the winds gently swayed the trees. I snapped a number of photos and this was number 2 (hence, the name of the colorway). This is merino/tencel roving.

And this HAWAII KAI SUNSET 2 is a superwash merino lace weight.

P.SUE SPRING is a fun watermelon/coral tweed fingering yarn inspired by a fellow fiber enthusiast who’s screen name is PickleSue. Back in May she said she was on a ‘watermelon/coral’ kick and that combination has been stuck in my head. . . and now on yarn. Thanks PickleSue!

Another rendition of VERTIGO BLINDS in a black/gray tweed fingering. I’m quite enamored with this one because of the vary shades of blacks and grays. . . very dramatic. . .

more to come! enjoy!


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