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Yarn & Fiber Colors for Week 23

For this week’s colors, I drew from vacation spots and some favorite music!

This is a wonderful merino/tencel blend called THURSTON LAVA TUBE dyed with charcoal gray, black, greens and red-brown.

This is the inspirational photo of the real Thurston Lava Tube on the island of Kauai. I love how the greens and red-brown foliage is such a great contrast to the gray-black of the lava!

PAINTED DESERT is a great lightweight lace weight with 1,312 yards! I keep thinking I can knit a cozy for my refrigerator with all that yarn.  This was named for one of my favorite albums called Painted Desert Serenade by musician Joshua Kadison. I also envisioned a painted desert to have more subdued pastel colors as in a watercolor painting.

KAANAPALI BEACH is a merino/silk blend roving. I have dyed up mer/silk in the past and really like the outcome. These colors are fun, bold and took to the fiber well!

HYDRANGEAS is a colorway I’ve done before in fiber, but not yarn and this is a great superfine merino/silk lace weight yarn. YUM! The inspiration for this was a photo I took of some winter hydrangeas at the Wellington Botanical Gardens in New Zealand.

And lastly, in the fabulous city of Seattle, Washington is the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum. Strange combination for a museum, but it truly is half-music, half-SciFi (as an aside, in the lobby was a poster of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within which both hubby and I worked on 10 years ago in Honolulu!). At the entrance of the music portion is an impressive ‘statue’ made up of mostly guitars and towers two stories up! This superwash merino wool is GUITAR HERO and named for this statue as well as for my beloved music little brother!

And the impressive ‘statue’ from which I drew my color inspiration!



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