Yarn & Fiber Colors for Week 17

This week is mostly fiber, though I did manage to do a couple hand-spun yarns.

RUBIES & EMERALDS is a handspun yarn using two beautiful products from other Etsy artisans. The original merino/silk wool for yarn was called “Jackson Pass” by CorgiHillFarm, and the mulberry silk was “Imperial Jade by mymommadethis.  I spun each fiber separated then plied together for a gorgeous yarn I now dub, Rubies & Emeralds.

This week’s theme was ‘warm colors’. Since my personal preference is geared towards cooler tones, warm colors are definitely out of my comfort zone, BUT thank goodness for great inspiration.

I’ll start with one of my favorite libations: SANGRIA is a Peruvian wool roving. The dye is actually called Sangria, so sadly, I wasn’t creative in naming this, though I have had other fibers called the same name.  I am of course, now quite thirsty . . .

SPRING is a 64 count Merino top so it’s super soft and fluffy.

I also painted up another Rainy Day Eiffel in merino/tencel, but since we’ve seen that before, I will move onto the final colorway of the week.

LOVE SHACK (baby, Love Shack – yes now that song will be in your head for the rest of the week. You’re very welcome) is a superwash merino roving inspired by a bus stop I saw whilst touring Days Bay in Wellington, New Zealand. This covered stop was painted in hues of red, orange, yellow, adorned with painted hearts and the word LOVE on the bench.

The customer who purchased LOVE SHACK asked me to spin it for her and here’s a sneak peak of the final yarn (currently drying from setting the twist).


There you have it – my adventures in warm color fiber painting. I will say that Rubies & Emeralds was my favorite at the beginning of the week, but now seeing the thread-plied Love Shack, I’m thinking that’s the winner in my book.  Tune in next week for more fiber fun . . . I’ve got a few more rovings drying as I write and a couple more waiting to be posted 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there, and a very special Mother’s Day and big hug to my Grandma Lillian.


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