Yarn & Fiber Colors for Week 15

Well, this week is more like ‘yarn’ colors as I didn’t paint any wool, but will definitely add that to the list for next time!

I have 2 hand-spuns and 2 hand-painted to share! I’m having such a ball with these new yarns and so far they are coming out quite nicely.

GALAXY 2 is a merino/silk/stellina (sparkle) lace-weight dyed in light blues with a hint of lilac.

ZION is the first of the hand-spun yarn. This one I was going to sell the roving, but it was so interesting that I thought I’d try spinning it myself, then thread-plying with a silver/gray thread. Zion is named for Zion National Park in Utah. Here’s the inspirational photo as well.

RUSTIC is from my new tweed yarn, painted with browns, blues and purples. I just love how this came out! This yarn has 2 plies of non-superwash wool together with 1 ply of SW, so each type takes the dyes different which accounts for the ‘tweed’ effect.

Lastly, WORLDLY is a hand-painted, hand-spun yarn using food-grade dyes. Yup, had to take out the Kool-Aid and food coloring out for a ‘dye fix’ late one evening 🙂 This is 64 count merino wool that I spun first, then dyed using 2 packets of Berry Blue Kool-Aid, 2 packets of Lemon Lime, then mixed Green & Black food dyes for the dark green, Blue & Black for the dark blue. . . but they all came out as pastels! LOL! I have photos of the dye process that I need to post as well . . .



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