Yarn & Fiber Colors for Week 14

For this week’s colors, we start off in the islands, work our way back to the east coast, then pay an homage to our childhood 🙂

COCONUT LIME is a merino/tencel roving with dark brown, bright green and a bit of white/ecru. I just love those coconut/lime lotions and bath products so had to make a colorway for this!

NORTH SHORE 2 is a new tweed yarn! It’s sooo cool! With 2 plies of non-superwash and 1-ply of superwash yarn, the aquas & peach/oranges have this wonderful combination where the various yarns took the dyes differently.

I just can’t get enough of this colorway so, here it is again, BILTMORE BARK – this time in a new sparkle lace weight! This is merino, silk and stellina (the sparkley stuff).

Now we go back in time. . . Growing up, there was a popular doll called RAINBOW BRITE, who even had her own cartoon series. Though I never had the doll, I always loved her colorful outfit. This is merino/bamboo/nylon roving.

This colorway was inspired by the 1981 hit single, TAINTED LOVE (doesn’t it kinda look like tainted love?). This is a merino lace weight in pinks/purples with a black overlay.

And lastly, a colorway based on a movie that has transcended time and generations . . . EMERALD CITY is named for Dorothy’s destination to seek the wizard who can help her get home in the 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz.


2 thoughts on “Yarn & Fiber Colors for Week 14”

  1. It is all fantastic, but that Coconut Lime. Well, let’s say it is calling me, but Uncle Sam is getting my money.


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