Custom Crazy Crazy Eights Socks

I recently completed 2 pairs of custom made socks in my Crazy Crazy Eights pattern for a Men’s Size 10.  These were so fun to make because I collaborated with the recipient and he chose the color combinations himself, which makes these socks extra special.  Here are a few photos:

Pair #1 knitted with Kettle dyed yarn in Jay (discontinued) and Stroll Multi in Atmosphere.

the back side

Pair #2 in Kettle dyed yarns in Oak and Ivy, both now discontinued.

the backside and cuff of one sock.

(completed March/April 2011)


2 thoughts on “Custom Crazy Crazy Eights Socks”

    1. LOL! sleep isn’t really necessary is it? i’m teasing, well, i’m definitely more focused now a days. try to get as much done as i can while still having fun!


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