This is Month 2 of Sosae Caetano’s Fiber Club and I knew it was in the mail when I saw other club members posting photos of their treasures on Ravelry. I received mine on a Monday, ripped open the package (it really is like Christmas every month) and literally gasped when I saw my custom roving! It’s blues and browns, which i LOVE, in a wonderful Blue Face Leicester fiber. Thank you Sosae!

Here are the before/after photos.

BlueGrass roving

Single strand plied with silver thread for approx 167 yds of Sport/Dk weight.

Spun & Plied ~ March 2011


3 thoughts on “BLUEGRASS | BFL”

  1. I can’t wait for a new offer of Sosae’s Fiber Club. What fun! I love how you plied it and can’t wait to try this. Your work is always so beautiful.


  2. Thanks Cheryl! Be sure to post photos of your yarn! You’ll LOVE Sosae’s fiber and she’s got a really awesome group on RAV. The members are fantastic and they remind me of our groups on KP – so nice and supportive and share a love for yarn and fiber 🙂


  3. How lovely. I’m not that creative in my plying. I have a fiber, I ply the fiber, that’s pretty much how it goes. 🙂 I also like to make them really dense and sturdy, but yours looks so happy… I may have to try something like that.


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