Yarn & Fiber Colors for Week 11

Aloha! For this week’s colors I went to places domestic and international with my inspiration. I’ll start in the good ol’ USA:

BILTMORE BENCH is a lace weight yarn based on a photo I took while on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. This bench reminded me of a beautiful, romantic spot for sweethearts to share a few quiet moments together while the yarn embodies the colors of the area and the wish for beauty and timeless romance.

Now, let’s go tropical to the Caribbean! PRINCESS CAYS is a privately owned island that one can visit if you book with Princess Cruise Lines (of course!).   This is a superwash merino yarn which represents a photo I took while on the island. I focused my camera on the water and the blurred foliage made for a nice frame.

While I was ‘coloring’ my yarn, I liked Princess Cays so much that I decided to do a ‘sparkle’ version of it as well. This one, for the time being, is mine.

Speaking of sparkle, I’ll add one that doesn’t have a destination inspiration. CORAL & JADE is also a sparkle yarn with a beautiful combination of warm coral and cool green tones.

Hopping across the Atlantic, we head over to our final destination, Italy.

For this colorway, I don’t have an inspirational photo handy because we were ducking for cover.  VENETIAN THUNDERSTORM is a lace weight yarn dyed in shades of gray with a whisper of lilac.  As you can probably guess from the title, this has to do with being in Venice and getting caught in a thunderstorm.  In short: we were soaked to the bone in our summer linen clothes, got rocked in a water taxi while the waterline almost came above the windows, sought refuge in a local pub and . . . had the time of our lives.

Available on the shoppe.


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