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As the weather is getting warmer I thought I’d share more beautiful winter scenes from Switzerland.

These are from our trip to Hasliberg where I learned to ski. In the Swiss Alps. From a Swiss Ski Jedi Master. It was AWESOME! The photo on top is a view from the road in front of the family ‘hut’.

This is the road in front of the house where our friends would expertly ski and snowboard down and make a perfect-10 stop right in front of the house. It was like watching the Olympics.

From the house we went up to the Bidmi Ski station and that’s where we had our lessons on the bunny slopes along with other Swiss children 🙂

Once you get there, you can basically ski, sled or board anywhere there is snow. We, of course, had our cameras out like total tourists and were taking photos of everything. Here are a few of the wonderful scenery.

(Hasliberg, Switzerland | December 2010)



2 thoughts on “Hasliberg”

  1. I’m so impressed you learned to ski as an adult! I used to ski, but it just isn’t my thing – I don’t enjoy the speed or the feeling that you’re never quite as in control as you may wish. Still, if ever there was a place that would tempt me to try again, your pictures have captured it.


    1. I hope you get to Switzerland one day! Maybe not to ski if that’s not your thing, but sledding is fun too if you get on a moderate sled trail. I was excited to try but didn’t know how I would do at skiing. My hubby is the athletic one between us and I’m more of the spectator. But it helped that I was on really short skis so they were easier to control. Plus I had a great instructor so I knew I was in good hands and never really went fast. I think my years of ballet/dance helped me with balance and I didn’t fall down once during the whole afternoon!


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