Sweetheart Socks Pattern on

I haven’t ‘officially’ posted these socks yet on my blog because I was waiting to see if would consider adding the pattern to their Independent Designer Program . . . and they did!  You can find the pattern on their site. (GASP!!!!)

These are fun socks that I designed with Valentine’s Day in mind and knitted up one pair with pink and red yarn. The first pair sold on the shoppe so I decided to make another using black yarn and the same pink. I love how the pink pops against the black. This is the colorway I used as my final sample to KP.

This was my first pair – the pink/red version – and here’s what the back and foot bottom look like.

I submitted my proposal to KnitPicks early February and within a week I got a response! I can’t tell you how excited I was to read the email saying they were interested in my design. I was shaking with excitement when I texted the news to my hubby. Needless to say I was on cloud nine the entire week. I submitted my sample and final pattern a couple weeks later and got the official ‘green’ light in early March. I did submit a photo of myself (cringe) and a little bio (smile) so I can no longer hide behind the smiley-face Hawaiian girl caricature done by my former colleague (thank you Katie).

Special thanks to my awesome hubby, Jake, and to the KnitPicks Community for their constant support and encouragement.

Check it out on


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