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Firenze At Dusk

I’ve been conversing a lot about Italy lately so I’m posting one of my favorite photos taken with my 35mm SLR.  The hubby and I went to Italy after finishing a project and visited Roma, Firenze (Florence) and Venezia (Venice).  While in Firenze we met up with some friends of ours who were taking their honeymoon in Italy. The wife knew of a spot to watch the sunset, so armed with wine and cheese we walked to a bridge, hopped over the wall where there was a small platform just above one of the column supports. Apparently this was a popular spot to hang out. There we drank our red wine, dipped our Parmesan cheese into honey and watched the sunset on the Arno River.

(Firenze, Italia | Settembre 2004)


3 thoughts on “Firenze At Dusk”

  1. Thanks Cheryl – it was a fun fun trip with wonderful friends. We also had a very nice dinner in a restaurant by the Duomo that we still talk about. Definitely worth a trip to Italy – the cities are amazing, food phenomenal and the Italian people were fantastic! Our favorite city was Firenze and hope to visit again. . . soon.


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