More Yarn Colors

These past couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with my new yarns and new colors. Last week I dabbled in darker colors while this week I added a couple new colorways to the list. Enjoy!

DARK PURPLE HAZE is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend. I dyed in purple then overdyed in black to get a very dark yarn with pretty streaks of purple.

DARK UNIVERSE is the BLING merino/nylon yarn with silvery bits mixed in.

AUMOE means ‘midnight’ in Hawaiian and this yarn was dyed in a medium blue color, then overdyed in black. This yarn is the bouncy 3-ply superwash merino.

This is the second version of DARK UNIVERSE that I dyed up though this yarn has bamboo which adds a beautiful ‘diffuse depth’ to the colors!

The following two are both called HALONA AT DUSK and I have an inspiration photo for the yarn and roving on the shoppe. The yarn is a 4-ply fingering and the roving is superwash merino which came out super fluffy!


This yarn was inspired by a happy accident I had while dyeing yarn with a friend. We were Kool-Aid dyeing one lovely afternoon and Jill’s yarn came out how she planned. I, on the other hand, was mixing purple kool-aid with some other color and it came out a strange pink-ish color. I later took the same yarn and overdyed it with brown and voila!  HAWAIIAN RED DIRT was born. This 4-ply superwash merino/nylon version was completely intentional and totally reminds me of the dirt from the islands.

WAIMEA CANYON was inspired by a photo I took during our 2006 trip to Kauai. Considered the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the Pacific, the views of the rugged mountains and deep canyon are absolutely breathtaking as they taper off to sea. This is also a 4-ply superwash merino/nylon yarn.

Of course if you’re in Switzerland you HAVE to try their chocolate! And it’s sooo yummy. I took a photo of a plate of SWISS CHOCOLATE and loved the milk chocolate, white chocolate with pistachio nuts and thought I’d try to capture it all in this 3-ply superwash merino yarn.

The inspiration for INLET is a photo from our Alaska cruise where the blue/green waters gave way to a beautiful inlet right in front of a glacier. We did not go into this passage, but I was able to catch a nice photo 🙂 Inlet is a merino/cashmere/nylon yarn.

This is one of my favorite (and oldest) colorways and I wanted to see how the bamboo yarn would look with the brown/green. Located on the Garden Isle of Kauai, WAILUA FALLS is a set of twin waterfalls that flow into a secluded lagoon below. Visitors can hike down and bathe in the lagoon or stay topside and get a birds-eye view. For those of you who remember a TV show called “Fantasy Island”, these were the waterfalls seen in the opening sequence of every episode.

And lastly, one of my newest colorways, NORTH SHORE. Many years ago a gal pal and I headed off to Oahu to visit the island and do an informal interview with a company that I would eventually work for. After the interview, we headed up to the NORTH SHORE where we watched a young mother and her baby playing in the golden sand and blue waters. I also found an orange discarded lobster tail right on the sand. NORTH SHORE is a 4-ply merino/nylon yarn and is a tribute to that wonderful day.

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4 thoughts on “More Yarn Colors”

  1. Oh I really love all your stuff! I am absolutely dying over those beautiful Dark Universe yarns!!! Talk about my colors. *sigh*


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