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New Sock Yarns

When my normal ‘base’ sock yarn was sold out until end of February (gasp!), I had to seek out another supplier and found a wonderful company who sells awesome yarn with LOTS of content variations – YAY!

I couldn’t wait to dye up some samples and put them on the shoppe. I’ve now got 5 different kinds of ‘base’ sock yarns (!) and love them all.

Here are my first dyes. Click on the links – red text – to see more photos on the shoppe.

Merino/Cashmere(!)/Nylon. This is truly one of the softest sock yarns I’ve ever felt. Luxurious! This one is called FOG:

Merino/Nylon/Stellina. The stellina adds a bit of BLING to the yarn – so pretty. This one is TROPICAL SORBET:

Merino/Bamboo/Nylon. Since bamboo doesn’t take acid dyes (which these are) the bamboo parts adds a diffuse ‘depth’ to all the colors. So interesting! This one is HANALEI:

Superwash 3-ply Merino. This is a plump yarn and just may become my favorite. This one is AVALON:

Superwash Merino/Nylon. This is similar to the other 4-ply sock yarn I usually get. This is WAILUA FALLS:

Available on the shoppe.


2 thoughts on “New Sock Yarns”

  1. Christine…love your stash of yarns…
    you dye all of them?..looking for a denim with long variations to knit another Entrelac bag..saw one denim here not sure if it was quite long in the variations…thinking.
    Also loved your pics from Italy and Switzerland.
    Even tho I was born in Arizona…I grew up all over a military brat lol
    I loved Switzerland..and Paris France..
    However never been to Italy…but its on my bucket list lol
    I am so proud of you with your love sock pattern on KP.
    Will need to come here more often to check out your stash..


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