Water & Princeville

I decided to branch out a bit and try new fibers to spin and dye up.  Here are a couple to share:

This one – called WATER –  is a heavenly Cashmere/Silk 50-50 blend. It was dyed by another artist and the blend needed some extra carding/pre-drafting before I could spin it. This was  great fun to use on my hand carders (though a nice drum carder would be great too!). It’s a wonderful 2-ply thick-thin yarn with a slightly fuzzy quality. It’s sooooooo soft. I immediately loved the color since it reminds me of the waters off the coast of Hawaii.

This one below is a Merino/Tencel 50-50 blend, also very soft and SHINY!  Tencel is a wood pulp fiber and it seems to take acid dyes, as opposed to bamboo. I was hoping for more a of a blue-ish shade to it, but this green came out nice and reminds me of the grounds around our resort on our trip to Kauai years ago.  Named PRINCEVILLE for the town we stayed in, this will make a splendidly beautiful yarn.

Both are available on the shoppe.


3 thoughts on “Water & Princeville”

    1. Thanks KP! I’m definitely trying to ‘expand my horizons’ with fiber – can’t seem to get enough. Nice tattoo by the way! I hope it didn’t hurt too much. Have a great weekend – I’m off to knit/spin and maybe eat some breakfast. . . 🙂


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