Maya’s Swiss Socks

We’ve been talking about going to Switzerland for years now and had the opportunity this Christmas/New Year’s that included a wonderful event: our Godson’s baptism. We spent about 7 days in snowy Switzerland and returned home just a few  hours ago.  I made a few knitted gifts for our ‘new’ family and among them were these socks fashioned with the Switzerland flag and Maya’s initials.

The red yarn is a great compliment to the natural colored yarn and the bottom of the foot is a nice check pattern.  I presented the socks last week (the day I learned to ski in the Swiss Alps) and Maya liked them so much she even wore them skiing that day 🙂

And yes, I’ll be posting photos of the trip shortly!

A HUGE Mahalo to M, A, L, K, W, B, Y, A & K for your generosity, hospitality, love and for a wonderful wonderful trip. We look forward to seeing you again soon!


3 thoughts on “Maya’s Swiss Socks”

  1. They are the most beautiful socks I have ever seen & my feet will ever wear!!! Awesome design & it feels wonderful too. Thank you, Christina for spoiling my feet & the whole Zibung Family!! We had a fantastic time & miss you already! LOVE, Maya & Co.


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