Some Fun Yarn

I love the holidays and this year I find myself knitting away for either the shoppe or for Christmas gifts. We will be traveling on Christmas Eve and arriving at our destination on Christmas Day so I’ve got about 7 days to complete my remaining gifts, not to mention an 11.5 hour plane ride. No problem, right? ha ha ha

Since I can’t post any gifts, I’ll post some dyed yarn that I did this month.

CALIFORNIA KELP is a handspun 2-ply Peruvian wool yarn. Real CA kelp is actually much darker, but if one is scuba diving beneath it and looking up towards the water’s surface, the sunlight makes it almost translucent. A word to the wise,  don’t get kelp tangled on your scuba tank else you’ll be swimming in the same spot for a looong time. Yes, got that tidbit of advice from experience 🙂


COUNTRY GREEN is a laceweight yarn that reminds me of my Mother-In-Law’s garden in the summer. My Parents-In-Law live in America’s heartland and each summer Mom cultivates this amazing garden filled with sweet corn, soybeans, tomatoes, and various other fruits and vegetables. Of course the produce from her garden beats any store-bought products and I am always amazed to see what she is growing each year.


RUSTIC is a colorway that reminds me of a SoCal amusement park with a Western theme. The browns and gray are for the iconic faded saloons while the blues and purples are for the California skies and sunsets. I think I might also try to dye up a darker version next year.


And finally, TROPICAL SORBET is a worsted weight Peruvian wool yarn dyed in a mix of mango, papaya and strawberry colors. This reminds me of many tropical drinks as well as a fruit I used to have shipped from Hawaii for my mother’s birthday – the strawberry papaya!

all are available on the shoppe


2 thoughts on “Some Fun Yarn”

  1. Love them! I may have to go shopping after the holidays. 🙂 It’s hard to justify purchasing things for yourself right before Christmas.


    1. i totally agree! no worries at all – i’m planning on dyeing up more colorways after the holidays as well so hopefully more choices. i keep trying to dye darker colors but they keep coming out lighter! i just overdyed some lace weight and i was biting my nails throughout the process thinking it was too dark, but it actually came out quite nicely. must. . . get . . . over. . . the . . . fear . . . of . . . darks. . . LOL!


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