Posted by: AlohaBlu | December 13, 2010

Alaska Rainbows

Late in the day whilst in Scagway, Alaska, the hubby and I decided last minute to take the final train tour up to White Pass Summit and back.  Not wanting to brave the cold, I stayed inside the rail car where it was nice and warm and let the adventurous hubby tackle the wild outdoors (ie: the small platform just outside the door).  As the train headed up the steep mountain this rainbow came into view.  I leaped out of my seat – leaving the purse there, mind you – and clamored my way to the platform where I joined said hubby.  I could not believe there was such a vibrant and clear rainbow so I started taking multiple photos before the cold wind knocked the bravado out of me .  I reclaimed my warm seat (and purse) then checked my photos. Only after I got home and downloaded the images did I realize there were 2 rainbows – the second is a faint crest above and to the left of the main ‘bow.

[Scagway, Alaska | August 2010]



  1. Can’t wait to see what inspiration you will get from this photo!


    • LOL! me too! between this and my Hawaii rainbow photo, i’ve got the ‘full spectrum’ of colors to choose from!


  2. How beautiful. I just love that I get to see places I’ve never been (and many I have) through your photos.


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